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    Is there any one out there that knows the procedure to activate a TREO 650 on Alltel service. I had to buy from Verizon but have no VZN service in my locale. Altell is my home service-- it should work as it is CDMA. Please help.

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    Programming a Treo 650

    1. Click on the Phone Button

    2. Type #*#000000#

    3. Enter Programming Information (i.e. MIN/MDN and System ID)

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    I just bought a 700w to work on alltel happen to know if programming and everything should be the same?
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    I'll be interested to see if this works.....
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    Besides knowing the basics of how to program the phone (MIN/MDN/SID), you'll still need to activate the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) for the Treo on Alltel's network... and you can only do that by contacting Alltel, or through someone that can get your number into Alltel's billing system. Good luck with that - Alltel typically isn't very cooperative in activating ESNs for phones they didn't sell.
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    I need to program treo 700w from verizon!
    for nam, min and sid is #*#000000-- but for data programming I canĘt access whit #*#778 or #*#3282 what can I do? because is whit a diferent carrier for internet access in Mexico!

    Thanks in avance
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    If anyone knows how to do this with a Sprint phone to be activated on Altell, that would be great as well.
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