OfficeMax now offers a $299 (plus tax where I live) Treo 650, with no service contract required.

I guess that this is a CDMA phone since it's optionally sold (with a $100 rebate) with Earthlink's service.

I don't particularly want Earthlink's service, but would be interested in "importing" this into Sprint's network. I currently have a GSM Treo 600 with T-Mobile, and am out-of-contract.

I'm interested in this approach since potentially I wouldn't have to enter into a 2-year-contract, and wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of, e.g., the $130 rebate on a Sprint phone from TreoCentral.

Main questions: will this phone work on Sprint? Will, e.g., the SprintPCS updater 1.12 work on this phone?

Secondary questions: can I get reasonable terms from Sprint if I import this phone into their network but don't sign a 2-year-contract (i.e., have either a 1-year contract or no contract)? Or can I sign a 2-year-contract without taking a phone, and thereby be able to receive a reduced-price phone sooner in the future?