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    Tried to do this with a 650 I bought from ebay. Valid ESN, but says to call them to activate. Any ideas? I used the 11 number esn from the treo. Help is much appreciated!
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    I had to go into the For Existing Equipment tab and put in the ESN number there to get mine to activate over the web, but it worked great. No problems since then.
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    I tried avail. Calash, what data plan are you using?
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    why don't you call them?
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    I did...I dont actually have the phone just yet. Said it is a valid ESN. I just want the ability to switch when I want!
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    I tried to do it also online. I put in my esn no and it says that they cant do it at this time, call the CS phone no. The wierd thing is its a verizon labeled phone, so i have no idea why it wont take it. I'll call the no. when i get home and activate it that way. Its a pain though, why have online activation if it doesnt work with new phones, idiots.
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    makes sense. how was the ebay experience? I've been watching ebay, but I'm still a little sketched out by the number of sellers who advertise their Verizon Treos as having "EDGE" or who have descriptions that just don't seem to match up (found one person who's selling 2 verizon treos in order to switch to cingular and also selling a cingular treo in order to switch to verizon, but doesn't have *any* non-generic pictures of the devices)
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    Ebay was ok...actually ended up buying it from a guy on Howard Forums, used it for a few days. going to ship it three day today, so it should be good. We'll see when it gets here. Used paypal with a CC, so I have

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