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    I can't seem to send outbound email through versamail. I have a feeling its because my Treo isnt actually on the company network so it doesnt authenticate to the SMTP server which isn't an open relay.

    Is there a Sprint SMTP server we can utilize for outbound email??

    And using Versamail is just data as far as your plan goes right? Nothing to do with SMS?? Correct?
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    Yes, when select sprint PCS and it will give you all of the settings you need.

    I think its port 25.
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    Ahh, I didn't select SprintPCS in the account when I created the account because i was trying to connect to my office email server, so I selected "other" and plugged the values in by hand.
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    ohh hell. Get a message that sprint wont relay when i try to use SprintPCS for the SMTP server on a non Sprint email account. ARRGG
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    You can't be relaying, you're already in the Sprint network. You may have to call customer support and get them to set the smtp for you to have access to it. I had to last year when I started using Sprint for my smtp. I recently set up a colleague's personal email and he had to do the same. We put in his vision username and password for the outgoing smtp server but it would not accept the authentication. Once he called customer support the credentials worked. But, I will say, he was not getting a relaying not permitted message. From everything I understand, that does not make sense to me since as I stated earlier, you are already in the Sprint network.

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