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    My treo has died on me, and I brought it into Sprint. The 18 year old "tech" looked at my phone for 30 seconds and said because I have a crack on the phone, it will not be replaced. I have insurance on the phone.

    The crack is on the left side trim around around the display, and many other users have the same problem.

    How can I get Sprint to replace my phone. He said I needed to call the "lockline" and I would have to pay fees.

    Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgnyc11
    How can I get Sprint to replace my phone. He said I needed to call the "lockline" and I would have to pay fees.
    Lockline handles the Sprint replacements via insurance.
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    If you're in-warranty you're golden.

    Call 888-788-4727.

    Talk to a customer service represenative.

    Make sure you get an American. I know that sounds harsh, but the foreign CSR's they have are utterly useless. Hang up and call until you get one that speaks English.

    Explain to him or her that your phone died. Make no mention of the crack or if you have Lockline.

    They may say it has to be taken into a store for a diagnostic check. Persistently state that this isn't the case as you know others that have had replacements done over the phone (like me, 6 times).

    Eventually they'll agree and mail you a new one via Next Day Air. You'll return your broken one in a return bag included in the package.

    If they won't budge, POLITELY say okay I'll go to the store.

    Then call back 10 minutes later.

    Repeat until you get someone that agrees.

    I know it sounds weird, but it WORKS.

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    Nick - worked like a charm! I would by you a beer if you are ever in NYC!


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