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    Sorry for the question but im new here and hope anyone can help me,
    I just bought a new verizon 650 treo its still wrap in the box. im plannig to get trhis phone to mexico and activate this with my cell phone number there, the company told me that there is no problem to activate my phone from verizon CDMA as log as i have the 6 digit number called SPC or MSL
    how can i get this number from the phone, uit shuld be prinbted on the box??

    thank you

    for your


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    nope its not printed anyplace.

    Verizaon keeps it and you have to get it from them. They dont want you to activate it on another carier becasue they subsidized it. (I think MSL stands for Master Subsidy Lock)

    do a search for activating a sprint treo on the verizon network. You need to use a program called bitpim and get a special cable to connect the treo to a computer. Then Bitpim can connect to the phone and you can get the lock code off the phone. TO activate a sprint phone on verizon they need to do that trick.

    Ther emight also be places on the internet that can get the code for you for a fee- i've seen mention of that but not sure if it really works or how much you have to pay.

    I think you probably want to read up those threads about covnerting sprint phones to verizon anyhow. I dont think you can use the data features of the treo on another network without making some changes and tthose topics should explain it to you.

    Good Luck.
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    Fear not. You are in luck. What efudd says is generally correct. But with one important note.

    Verizon does NOT use a MSL. The MSL on a Verizon phone is six zeros (aka 000000). Always has been, hopefully always will.

    Sprint, on the other hand DOES use an MSL. I had to go through the process that efudd mentioned when I put my Sprint Treo 650 onto Verizon. But fortunately, you won't have to do it.

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    oh wow that's cool to know that verizon doesnt lock the phones.

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