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    After some shopping of services and companies to buy phones from for the last couple weeks I couldn't find anything close to the Earthlink deal. The phone was outright $300 at OfficeMax and two rebates printed up at the counter for $150 toward service and $100 for signing up. A Treo650 for $50??? I will have to see if that works out because the receipt said I had to download the rebate forms from the Officemax website and I couldn't find them searching on the SKU or product name.

    Earthlink was also considerably cheaper for voice minutes, $110 gave 2400 minutes. I didn't realize till after I signed up for the service that the data minutes didn't count against the voice minutes...but I guess that is standard practice. For $20 bucks you get unlimited data minutes. I might drop the voice back down to 1100 which runs $75.

    Earthlink runs on the Sprint network and roams on the Verizon network....but no roaming charges.

    I also liked that I only had to sign up for a 1 year contract.

    On the negative side the data isn't broadband speeds. It runs standard 144Kb/s max.

    I did see one negative post of a person here who was having network data problems and now is in the H_LL of trying to get Earthlink to stop charging him for a service he canceled in the first week. Hope I don't have to follow in his footsteps.

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    Deal is not quite so good after signing up. Service has been great but there were two errors on their plan...both costing me money, of course. First there was no $150 rebate...only the $100 one. Second the data plan was actually $30 per month. So we are talking a difference of $270 small matter....heck, probably that ate up all the difference between Verizon and Earthlink on the new phone. On the other hand, when I called to complain they were able to credit me for one months service which takes care of the cost of the data plan and then some and I still got the phone for $200 which is considerably better than Verizon's offer to me. Plus, I only had to sign up for a one year service. Next year I'll decide if I keep Earthlink or switch to some newer better plan and phone.
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    so, is the data speed the same as Sprint? Or are they stripping the data speeds on Earthlink a bit?
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    As I understand it the data speeds of the CDMA Treo are the same no matter who you go with, Verizon, Sprint or Earthlink as the CDMA Treo doesn't support the higher bandwidth yet.
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