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    Just got back from the local Sprint store, where I was told that their new plans are 2-year only. If I wanted to go with a 1 year plan, I would have to take one of their older plans (which wasn't even in their brochures so I couldn't see precise details) with 1100 minutes for ~$70/mo. Is this true or were these people misinformed?

    Sprint looks great, particuarly due to their cheap unlimited internet plan, but I am very keen on a 1 year contract.
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    The word of a Sprint rep is always to be considered suspect information. You might want to try another Sprint store just to see what they say or call Sprint.

    I did just do a check on and after looking up new plans saw the following at the bottom of the page in "the fine print"
    A two-year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement is required for Sprint PCS Fair & FlexibleSMPlans and Nights starting at 7 p.m. A one-year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement is required for all other plans. Month-to-month payment options may be available depending on your plan.
    Not cool if they are trying to lock everyone up for 2 years.

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