How are you guys doing? I've been trying to activate a treo 650 over on Verizon, and I've been following your extremely helpful thread. I'd like to thank anyone who can assist, it is very appreciated!

Anyhow, I understand that the Earthlink treo 650's are CDMA and use sprint, therefore they should be able to transfer over using your method on the treo 600.

The problem I'm having is simply not being able to get my treo to communicate with my pc! Yikes, anyhow here is what I've got going.

I'm still on the first step, getting the MSL off of my phone, and thus, there is an issue with the cable I'm using. I tried building my own using the parts mentioned, with the "ebay" cable substituted for the hotsync cable that came with the treo, strike one, bad idea as it did not work.

My second attempt was ordering one from I purchased the first cable under the "treo" section, went to radioshack and bought a female -> female adapter to connect it to my PC, and still, no luck with BitPim.

I am enabling passthrough on the phone beforehand, and there are no other software apps using that COM port. The cable I purchased does use an actual serial connection, could this be the issue?

The error I get from bitpim is simply "Phone not responding when transfering from mode none to Brew".

Like I mentioned earlier, I am extremely thankful for all of your guys hard work and would love to get this phone activated!