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    It's all clear now. They have all the approvals needed.

    One of Sprint's first goals is to massively expand their cell sites and pass Verizon. Both Sprint/Verizon have about 20K cell sites each and Nextel has 28K. Sprint will modify half of Nextel's to CDMA in next couple of years, in fact, they already starting, rolling out 5-10 cell sites a month per market on Nextel sites. It's pretty clear that Sprint will have far more coverage and capacity than Verizon very soon.
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    Part of the agreement was that the combined company MUST start offering services in the 2.5 GHz spectrum within four years. WiMax anyone?
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    Yeah, it's about WiMAX. Strange it is a requirement by FCC and DOJ. Sprint has been planning significant investment in WiMAX anyway.
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