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    here's the situation: I have a vZW treo 650, using an iMac with a dial-up internet connection ( don't ask)...all I want is the ability to get email from my PoP3 account to my treo in the easiest fashion...Versamail is on the CD that came with the treo, but has 27 sub folders none of which suppoort an installation.
    Verizon data support says: don't use plam and get versa mail installed...palm says, no with VZW treo, use wireless sync.
    I've spent hours on the phone being shuttled back and forth between palm and VZW with no resolution, each saying this is the others issue.
    ? what is the best email solution?
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    It's a sad statement, but the best solution is probably not to use e-mail. Unless you need attachments or long messages, use SMS. You can forward your e-mail to your vtext e-mail address and go that route. You can get 2500 text messages for $19.99 a month - less than half what the data plan costs.
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    Well at least the 650 comes with versamail. The 600 didn't.
    Talk to the Verizon CSR. Since they're supplying the phone and the software (and at least have some type of version of Versamail) they should be able to provide it to you. If they can't then they should be the ones to conact Palm for you.
    Your other choice is to get Snappermail or oter email program.
    The 650 is fine with mac email, just watch your data usage.
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    There must be some way to get Versamail on there. You don't need to sync it to the Mac. I have my sync turned off. If I have to hard reset, all my email is on my computer so it won't matter. You don't have a friend with a PC?
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    I use snappermail and its great. Have a .mac account and use dialup on my treo as well.

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