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    Yesterday I took my 600 into a Sprint store. I was having the same problems that my previous 4 600s had (lockups during calls, random reboots, etc.). I expected the usual routine, a 2 hour test of my phone for them just to tell me what I already new...the phone was jacked!

    During that process for phone #3, the Sprint rep at told me they usually upgrade customers to a 650 after the 6th return. Yesterday I inquired about that. I was told that now the policy is after phone #10.

    Not that I'm looking to get a free upgrade (I'm perfectly content if they keep replacing my 600 for free) but what has some of your experiences been regarding this??? Is there an actual "policy", or are the reps at the store just making up random numbers???
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    I received my 650 in Nov '04 because of problems w/ 6 Treo 600's. Instead of a 7th, they gave me a 650 just as they were being released.
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    I had 5 or 6 bad 600's (the last one brand new in the box) when Sprint upgraded me to a 650. Took 10-12 25 mile one way trips . I brought that up when I spoke w/ the manager.

    I estimated a total cost of conservatively $100 in gas alone for something that was never my fault.

    The Manager agreed that this was unnacceptable and upgraded me.
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    I am on number 7. Sprint does not give a s^&*. Palm did in my case.
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    I suggest calling Sprint numerous times. I had 4 failed 600 and then on Dec. I called about 3x to try to get the 650 for free and my 3rd attempt was a success. I've had my brand new 650 for about 9 months now and have not had to exchange it since.
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    Well I guess I can't really say it's brand new anymore...hehe

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