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    My two year contract is up in November, I went by a store today to verify this and to find out when we could use the ne2 deal. She said we could get the 650 for $399 PLUS use a $100 ne2 deal. Is this right? I didn't think an existing customer could get that price...I thought we could just get the $100 ne2 deal.

    Also, she said that we could upgrade September 16th (two months prior to our current contract ending). Is there any chance that I could get the discount prior to Sep 16th? (Anniversary is Aug 12th and I was going to get a 650 for it).

    That's it...thanks.
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    You can do much better than $399 I'll tell you that much.
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    Howitzer...I think he meant in the end it would be $299. I ended up paying $299 and that was without the ne2 but with a $100 loyalty credit (you can not get both). I've been a customer with verizon wireless since before they were verizon wireless and they always offer similar deals to new and current customers. Also, they always allow you to purchase a new phone with the ne2 a little before your contract ends.
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    $299 should be the highest you should expect to pay (assuming you're willing to sign a 2 year contract).

    $399 w/ 2 year contract
    $100 New Every 2 (if you're eligible)
    $100 off for signing up for unlimited data plan (can cancel as soon as you get home if you want)

    and maybe a $100 loyalty credit as listed above, though I haven't heard anything about that.
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    I just got this very deal a couple of weeks ago. The sales rep actually went a step further. We have a family plan, and my wife's phone was actually the one that was eligible for ne2, but mine wasn't until November. The rep sold it and activated it under my wife's number then switched the number on the Treo to mine. If you're buying a high end product, the reps will help you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pheath
    ...If you're buying a high end product, the reps will help you out.
    Since when?
    Go here if you're tired of being .
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