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    I just got a treo 600 with verizon. I really dont use data a lot so i didnt get any data plan at all. However I did get the mobile web function for 5 bucks a month which uses airtime instead.
    From all the post on here I am confused. Will verizon now bill for data also. They told me no!
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    Confusion is no suprise most of Verizon's CS is confused about data plans so they are not much help. The policy seems to be that you cannot use airtime minutes for data on a smartphone however they have granfathered people who already had it. So if you got it you should be able to keep it. For the rest of us who don't use much data there is the pay as you go plan, $0.015 per kB. You have to be carefull to turn off the data connection if you are not using since it can get really expensive. Also you should know that when you use minutes I think you are on the slower data network.
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    The first thing you should do is get Battery Doctor and set it to turn off data radio when Treo turns off. Second you should set your Network preference to NOT connect whenever the phone is on and to ask before connectiong. Third you should set your email to not check for mail. And fourth you should set MMS to NOT automatically collect messages.

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    You're wasting $5 a month if you're paying for Mobile Web on a Treo. All that does is allow non-pda phones to access Verizon's WAP portal. You don't need that with Blazer.

    You either get MOU or your data is charged per Kilobyte. Either way, you don't need Mobile Web.
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    Mobile web doesn't work for treo.
    1. pay as you go $0.015 per kB (watch your time)
    2. 10MB for $25 month
    3: Unlimited for $45 month
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    Ok so now what: i dont have a data plan I made sure twice. I have mobile web which so far has let me access the internet on my Treo and even download stuff! When I do #DATA it doesnt show any data usage? What does this mean?!?!?
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    Unfortuantely Verizon can take a week for #data to show any usage.
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    My data usage shows up in less than a couple days. You need to speak with a wireless data representative with verizon wireless. Call up the number you normally do and ask to be transfered to wireless data.

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