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    I get my bill and its about $90 over what it should be.

    I look at it and it shows a data charge for a little under 6 mb for $90 I start laughing.

    I have three phones on a family share plan and that phone is a V710, and it can't have a data charge or can it, you never know with verizon.

    on the phone with a rep for 6 minutes, she checked with tech support, and now i have a 90 credit for next months bill (put it on autopay since i forget to pay my bills on time.)
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    Verizon is a silly company.
    It takes them 9 months to 'test and approve' a phone such as the Treo 650 and yet they've spent absolutely no time:
    1. training customer support people regarding data (both technical and rates)
    2. Setting up data billing correctly or timely
    3. haven't setup connections to auto-disconnect when not in use.

    Yet they did spend some time with their original email program keeping your data stream going all the time to force people to use the unlimited data package.
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    Yea, if I had an extra hour to browse my 1671 calls last month I'm positive I could shave at least $10 off the bill.

    But they're not nearly as bad as the old days when the average bill was 20% incorrect, and always to Verizons advantage.....which led to a class action suit.

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