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    I can receive SMS but can't consistently send. I use SMS every day, so this seemed to have started yesterday...

    Anyone else in NYC to confirm/deny?


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    I have Sprint in Connecticut (I do realize it's not the same as NYC ), and I'm able to send/receive SMS without problems.

    Hopefully, someone in NYC will also respond.
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    I am in NYC and find Sprint SMS to be very unreliable. I only use it for non essential communication because I'm never sure if addressee is going to get the message. Msgs just get's lost in the ether. No error message, just no delivery and it shows as SENT in my folder.
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    Yep, my phone has been crashing continuosly for 2 months - and I think it's SMS related. When I do get them in (from my wife's T600 with no problems), I'll get them 5 at a time.

    I also can't go fifteen feet without my 4 bars turning into "no service" .. my wife's T600 and my brother's T300 all seem to work fine on Sprint in NYC, just not mine.

    I think I need an upgrade to SMS itself (?) or my phone has no idea it's in NYC and is generally unhappy.

    Any ideas?
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