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    My Verizonized Sprint Treo 650 is being replaced through the cell phone insurance company and I've got the new Verizon Treo 650 now, but I'm a little worried about how the transition will go.

    I'm pretty sure that there are others who've made this transition. What were your experiences? Can I just do a backup with BBVFS, move the card to the new phone and restore? Will that work or will it cause problems? Can I do a HotSync backup and then restore? Do I need to start from scratch with the new phone and install everything one-by-one again? (I hope not!)

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    Well, I'm getting absolutely no help from you guys (I'm rather disappointed in that) so I just went ahead and did a restore from my SD card with BBVFS. For the most part it worked out ok. I've run into a couple of bugs though. First, VersaMail isn't on the Verizon 650, which is a good thing if you ask me (I use Snapper), but the favorite button that was mapped to it went dead, so I just reprogrammed it. For some reason the favorite button for the camera also went dead. I'm getting some weird icons on my phone screen, especially with the E911 GPS icon. Its supposed to either be the little compass or the little compass with the lines next to it, instead I've got the little compass with a blue arrow that points to the right and then up. Its weird. I also can't open the Phone Preferences without getting a soft reset. I've had a couple of random soft resets too. Overall I think that its working well enough that I feel comfortable doing a hard reset on the old 650 and sending it back in to Asurion. I'll just have to figure out why the Phone Prefs doesn't work (apparently on my own, since the forum doesn't seem interested).

    I noticed that in my network connection prefs I now have the Express Network setting that I made on the Sprint 650, a new National Access setting that must be built-in to the Verizon 650 and a QNC setting that is also built-in. I tested connecting with my Express Network setting and it worked so I think I'll stick with it for now. I'm hoping to be able to stay under the radar for a while. I've been using data services with my 650 since I got it even though I don't have any data plan for the phone. I do pay $80/mo. for my BroadbandAccess though, so I certainly should be able to use the NationalAccess as much as I'd like to, whether with my PC card or with my phone.
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    Try deleting the Phone application from RAM (= Sprint version). You want to use the VzW version, in ROM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XJCoupe
    Try deleting the Phone application from RAM (= Sprint version). You want to use the VzW version, in ROM.

    Thanks XJCoupe! My faith in TC is restored!

    The funny icon is gone, replaced with the regular compass. The Phone Preferences works now too, so I was able to switch it over to "911 only". Apparently that required some kind of connection to the network, all of a sudden some guy in a recording was telling me that my feature change had been completed.

    I was worried that some of the Sprint apps would cause problems with the Verizon apps, but hadn't even considered that the Phone was one of them! Thanks again!

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