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    Update on on a 2002 thread from the Treo 300 forum re: Sprint billing...

    (Sorry, this was posted on the Treo 600 hardware forum, too)...

    My wife and I share a Sprint plan. We pay extra so we can roam where we like when we travel. We have a lot of minutes on our plan. We both have pda phones (mine is a Treo 600, hers the Samsung i-500) so we also pay for unlimited Vision services.

    Lately, we have moved to a rent house in the Texas Hill Country while building our permanent house. After we moved, we started getting very high bills (the last one was $300+ higher than our plan's monthly cost) showing "roaming web browsing". These roaming charges are billed in one minute increments, sometimes (a lot of times) in the middle of the night when no one is up or using the phone. Sprint has credited me several hundreds of dollars for the past two months, but each time I talk to them it is a several hours ordeal to convince them 1. I'm not using the phone as a modem, or 2. that neither phone can browse the web while roaming. BTW, we use our phones mainly in Sprint digital network coverage areas, and spend probably less than 20% of all minutes roaming. We both download e-mail when we are in Sprint network areas. I use Snapper, she uses VersaMail.

    One technician told me that it appears that we are browsing the web from "the other side of the world" (his words). All of the roaming charges are linked to phone number 000-000-0777 that Sprint places in Kerrville, Texas. When we lived in Austin, we never had any charges like this. We have not changed how we use our phones, except that we have both turned off digital roaming so that Sprint is now the only network that our phones look for.

    Is anyone else having such problems with "mystery" calls from their pda phones on Sprint?
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    I had this EXACT same problem when I first activated my Treo 600 (they kept accusing me of the same thing). I even turned roaming off and it kept happening. And your right, you can't even use Vision when your roaming. It took months for them to resolve it (they never admitted what the problem was) but it was definately a problem on THEIR end (I think someone set up my account wrong or something). Just be persistent, and let me know.

    Oh, and there was a guy on Howardforums who worked for Sprint that helped me as well. Do a search there for more luck.

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