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    I am a current Sprint customer on a plan I wish to keep (1000 min retention, grandfathered vision/unlim SMS included) , still under contract but have had the same old headset for over 2 years so I am able to upgrade and get the $150 concession and most of the other concessions, I think. What is the best way to do this?

    I tried to order through the TC store, but, it appears to be only for new customers.

    I tried to order through, but, it appears to cost more ($551 - the $200 in rebates) if youre not buying it as a new sprint customer on a new plan... (is there a way around that? the price is only 519-200 the other way!) ...

    I looked at the OTI promotion, but, I'm not sure I'm eligible and it sounds like I may have to switch my plan or at least switch the vision which I don't want to do. (Is there a way around that?)

    So.. is there any other way to order it (don't want to deal with any shady places)?

    Thanks for your help.
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    THE ONly way around this is to do what i did. I just opened a new line of service since my currrent line was about to hit 24 months. I let that one die and now have a new line with all the rebates instantly.
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    You might try a Costco in your area. Some of the stores have the Treo 650. If they haven't yet switched to a contracted wireless seller, the price from a Sprint rep is $479. No contract required. I just got one while on a business trip since the SFBay area stores don't seem to have them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danpedraza
    THE ONly way around this is to do what i did. I just opened a new line of service since my currrent line was about to hit 24 months. I let that one die and now have a new line with all the rebates instantly.
    Thanks not sure what you mean. I don't want to get around my current line I want to keep it (and the plan especially). No reason to get a new one that I know of... > 24 months is eligible for the 150, but I guess not most of the other offers.
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    Is this offer (or)
    valid if purchased through an online store? The terms are confusing. The actual PDF
    seems to only exclude ebay, and says through authorized dealers...

    Free BT headset would be nice.. I havent' seen this mentioned except for ?
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    I wondered the same thing. I would think that as long as it is a valid Sprint reseller it should be applicable. The exclusion appears to apply only to auction sites. I sent in the headset request for the T650 I bought at Costco (not an internet purchase) but haven't heard back yet. It's only been a couple of weeks.
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    Thanks..sounds like phones purchased from any 'authorized reseller' is eligible. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about this mail in offer, maybe everyone has their treo already, [had it before the offer was valid]. Perhaps I just missed the thread, but, I ran a search and only saw one for an offer in the UK.

    When you bought your phone from costco, assuming you would be eligible for the $150 upgrade rebate, would the costco purchase qualify? 479-150 would be nice...
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    I've sent in the request and the rebate site says waiting for completion of activation period so I think it's going to qualify. The difficulty will be finding a Costco that still has direct Sprint sales. There were some posts several weeks ago (on SprintUsers) where folks were posting locations. If the Costco has switched to a contract sales kiosk, then the price is in the mid $500s. I believe someone said that all stores were due to switch this summer.
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    Nice. I wonder if I ordered it from my sprint store with the instant $150 rebate (mine is doing that now..even for existing customers with 24 months on the same phone and they said i qualify) if I could also send in the MIR? doubt it..

    I checked my local costco (Austin, TX) and they are wireless advocate, I guess. In any case they had no treos, no smart phones at all.
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    You "must" order from Sprint or get through a Sprint store. Make sure they include the rebate form in the box. If at a Sprint store, there is a chance they will simply credit your account.

    Watch the sprint rebates carefully as they tend to get reject for spastic reasons. You can resubmit, but if it gets onorous, just call Sprint, tell them you're a long time customer and getting the run around from rebates and you want a 150 credit.
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    I didn't see what phone you have (assuming a Treo 600) but I would look to a Sprint store. We got a direct new in box 650 swap for a 2 year old 600. We did add another 650 at the same time but got that one at somewhere around $300 no rebates required. Not sure what it was for us but you might consider some combination of the following (end of month - deal with the Store manager - visit a couple of times not sure what to do. Switch to Verison etc. Last deal of the day.) I do think we did manage all the above.
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    Went to 3 diff stores - none will do more than the $150 instant discount... well, maybe I should have talked to the manager instead of the first available rep. All these stores are so busy with 50 people who can't pay their bill and are trying to get their service restored, etc, complaining about broken phones, ineligible for rebates, etc... its a zoo... They don't even want to offer a $50 service credit..they'd rather you go buy it online than that... according to them...

    no I don't have a 600 now, have an older vision phone...

    I did find a printed glossy copy of the free BT headset offer in one of the sprint stores....

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