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    Good luck with EarthStink
    I've had nothing but trouble from those clueless clowns! I've now spent 6 hours on the phone over 2 months trying to get them to Cancel my account. Every ***** that I talk to agrees, my account was closed in June (5 days after I activated it because their data network kept dropping me, and they had no clue why) but they keep billing me. No one knows why!

    When I finally got someone to agree to cancel my account they tried to tell me to "Take it back to Office Max, and they will call us to cancel it"
    RIGHT! I'm sure the dude @ Office Max is just waiting to call EarthStink and cancel my account. (when I did take it back to Office Max, they had no clue about calling to cancel my service!)
    After an hour of yelling, the 3rd rep agreed that "they too had questions as to how Office Max would know to call them to cancel my account" so she agreed to cancel my account. Some 45 mins later (and a lot of typing on her part) she said it was canceled, and my money would be refunded. (NOT!)
    1 month later no refund, so back on the phone, and 45 mins later the clueless rep finally figured out how to refund Part of my money. His computer could not find the codes for the Taxes...

    Every phone call to them is the same. Please hold... Please Hold .... I have no idea why we're billing you... please hold.... I might be able to reverse some of the charges, but my computer does not allow me to reverse them all. !@!@#$%@$

    This is the same ignorance that I got when I first got the phone, and their data network refused to authenticate me. After 2 hours of phone support (not!) I had every access code known and re-flashed the Phone/ROM 10 times. No go... then after sitting the phone on my desk for 5 hours, it suddenly worked. No call back from them Ever, no changes to the phone, didn't even move it, it simply started working. (And they still claim their network was not the issue... Right!)

    THEN Tonight I noticed they just billed me for July-Aug!
    and that's after they credited my bogus June-July bill 5 days ago....
    !!!!! Back on the phone tomorrow... this should be fun!!!!!

    I now own a Verizon and it works Great!

    Good Luck!
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    That is a pretty bad story. I had a close friend who had billing issues with their dial up service and email accounts that he had for his photo business. He complained as you did that you couldn't get anyone on the phone, he was also told "Yeah we fixed the problem...refund on the way". I feel your pain. At least with Verizon...they are known for having good service. Good Luck.
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    It seems they must be automatically billing you through your credit card. Just call the credit card company and tell them that you cancelled service with earthlink when you did and want all charges credited and automatic billing stopped. They should be able to stop it and will immediately credit your account. Then they will send you a form to fill out and they will contact earthlink to see if they have reason to fight it. Seems it would be hard to fight since they already credited part of it.

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