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    Okay, so i'm re-visiting this whole VZW Wireless sync thing, I used it when it first came out and quit using it because I was frustrated with the data speeds & amount of mail I get.

    The question I have is i'm trying to sync corporate outlook email with wireless sync, I get a LOT of email and my outlook dumps it based on various criteria in certain folders.

    I want to be able to tell the redirector which folders to sync, so i'm only getting the mail I want.

    Some coworkers have blackberrys through VZW and the redirector for blackberry has this functionality, is VZW just locking it down with the intellisync client or does intellisync just suck that bad?

    Can I use some other type of mail program with the VZW wireless sync, or do i have to use their app?
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    Intellisyncs suck's bad....

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