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    I hope this doesn't have bugs in it!

    Palm Releases Verizon 1.03 Updater
    Palm today announced the release of the Verizon 1.03 Updater. This includes an updated version of Wireless Sync and Internal Settings Modification that allows for correct access to Verizon's roaming partner networks. To check your Verizon Treo to see if you need the update:

    Press the Phone button
    Press the Menu button
    Select Options and then Phone Info.
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    how do you get the update?
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    Sorry I left it out. I'm not sure I have the nerve to try the update yet. Everything is running smooth so I don't want to mess things up! Here is the URL.
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    If all it does is update the wireless sync (don't use) and the roaming access, I don't think it's worth it. My 650 is working great right now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    I agree, I am hesitant about updating, but if it improves some minor things like signal strength, I am ready to hop on the band wagon!
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    So this def wont help make the call volume louder and the speakerphone clearer? If not, then its not worth the hassle for me. I dont use Wireless Sync.
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    My Treo 650 now has ROM 1.03, which included PRL 50291. The update went fine, though I used BackupBuddyVFS to backup and restore to/from an SD card rather than relying on HotSync, which doesn't back up absolutely everything (like your Bluetooth trusted devices). I've since updated to PRL 50295.

    Since I don't use Wireless Sync, I doubt I'll notice any differences, but will post any that are encountered.

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    Just completed the update process on a Windows XP machine... everything appears to have gone off without a hitch, and all of my old applications are working as expected. I only used the instructions provided, and did not use any third party back-up utilities (but I'm brave and foolish).

    Good luck.
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    I'll register and subscribe to this thread.

    I dont use wireless sync... I am terrified of losing all those crazy settings I have.
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    The update was rather vauge as to what it would improve.
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    I did the issues.

    After the update, you have to re-apply the Shadowmite patch for DUN, but it still works fine.

    I'll play with it more tomorrow to see if I notice any differences
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    I upgraded my 650 last night as well.
    My phone kept saying that I was roaming when I really wasn't. Tried to do the *228 a few times with no success. This update fixed all that.
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    I did the update, but it still says 1.01????
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    Just completed the update and all is well .............. pretty seamless I might add!!
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    has anyone else done the update using Missing Sync. I am wondering if that is why my phone still says 1.01
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    Quote Originally Posted by camels1993
    has anyone else done the update using Missing Sync. I am wondering if that is why my phone still says 1.01
    I did the update with Missing Sync. I had no problem getting it to 1.03. I heard somebody mention that the update is supposed to start automatically after you hotsync, but with Missing Sync you have to select the install program from the launcher. After I hotsynced I just tapped on the icon for it and it did its thing.
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    I regret doing this update as my phone's reception has gone downhill.
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    Ok, so one or two negatives. I don't use wireless sync, and the area I typically roam in is a Sprint location, and I get no data. Would this update give me data connection in this location, Otherwise I don't see a reason to do this.
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    Has anyone done this update that uses Dial Up Networking over bluetooth? I'm using the BtDUNHack and YAHM to activate it. Want to make sure this update won't interfere with that.

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    Did the VZW update last week. Bought a USB Bluetooth adapte for my PC and used the Shadowmite BT hack and it works like a charm.
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