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    can someone please suggest the best treo 650 offer for a family plan with minimum monthly charges. Also don't use a lot of minutes (150 to 200 min/month usage). data plan would be nice if there isn't much difference between non-data and data plan. Currently using tmo but the only problem is I have very poor coverage at my home otherwise get signal everywhere I have been. I don't want to leave tmo but the coverage at my home is so bad that if I am getting 1 or 2 bars and even I move my unlocked treo 650 about couple of inches I loose the signal suddenly.

    I know this has been discussed in many threads but would appreciate if someone suggest me some good options. I bought the unlocked treo about a month ago through p1.I am in philly, PA can anyone within this area suggest the sprint's coverage?
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    You might get more help posting this in the Service Providers forums?

    FWIW - I'm on a Cing Family Plan, switched from T-Mo to Cing due to poor T-Mo coverage, much happier now. But, your area might be different. You minute usage is so low - the lowest I see in Cing is 500 mins with rollover.

    Good luck.
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    Well, if you want good coverage anywhere, VZW is the carrier to use. They're more pricey to start, but the share plans are $10 each additional line.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Well...if price is your main concern, then Sprint's definitely the way to go.

    Get the Fair & Flexible family plan. Second line is free (I believe), and each additional line is $10/mo. Data is also $10/mo for the 650 if you want it (YOU DO! YOU DO!)...and the data part is where Sprint really excells compared to their competitors' prices of $40+/mo. No carrier has anything similar to the fair and flexible plan. They start you out with 800 minutes and if you go over, you don't have to pay ridiculous $0.20-$0.40/min overages! Once your reach your limit, you move to the next level which is another 100 min. for $5....

    Just talk to Sprint and try their service. IMO, it's at least as good of coverage/quality as Verizon. The only 2 places I've had trouble with are my grandfather's farm in Oklahoma (only GSM gets reception out there)...and Tennessee during the Bonnaroo festival with a huge crowd of like 90,000 people (it was more of the overcrowding than the location, because in the morning time while everybody was sleeping I could get great reception).

    BTW, don't get Sprint's insurance. Get State Farm's Personal Articles Policy (PAP). Here's the comparison:

    ----------------------------------Sprint-------State Farm
    Premium (per year) --------- $60 ---------- $30
    Deductible (per accident) -- $50 ---------- $ 0

    It might be just a little tougher to file a claim when you do need a replacement versus Sprint's lock/line insurance company....but, the price difference is a big factor for me.
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    Thanks everyone for their reply. Will let you know what I decide finally. In the mean time, more suggestions welcome.
    As "grndslm" said. yes I would love to have data plan if you really want to explore the true potential of your treo.

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