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    Getting the $100 Unlimited data rebate AND the "new every two" promotion from Verizon? IF so, what was your total investment? Thanks!
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    I was told you could not combine the new every two, loyalty credits, or the $100 unlimited data rebate. And believe me....I tired real hard.
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    Nope - they won't combine them. Since I wasn't due till October, I got the $100 off for the data plan.
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    mediasi -- you got the $100 rebate off of the $519 retail? I tried to get the $100 data plan rebate and was told that only applied to new customers, and that they wouldn't extend it to existing since a data plan is a feature that can be removed at any time. Their reasoning doesn't make that much sense since the rep acknowledged that new customers could remove the feature as well, but that didn't surprise me much with Verizon.

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