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    any one having problems with Text messages with 650's btween Sprint and Verizon?
    i have a female friend that i text message with a lot, and we keep getting messages 1 HOUR after they were sent. this has gotten me in big trouble several times as she thinks i'm ignoring her. when in reality i respond in 2 minutes, but it takes one hour for her message to get to me, and then one hour for mine to get back to her. 2 hours just to send simple messages!! sheesh!

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    Sounds like you have a bigger problem if she gets upset that easily.

    The first time I had Sprint a couple of years ago I ran into the same issue. Test messages would take a long time to get to the other person. I'm back with Sprint now and don't have that problem. It can't hurt to contact Sprint and see if there's anything wrong with the network in your area, or perhaps the phone.

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    Sprint's text messaging is pretty spotty. Sometimes it just doesn't work at all. I've had plenty of msgs that I've sent to friends even IN sprint's own network and they never get the text.
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    I too get a lag when sending or recieving SMS on my Sprint phone but it's not all the time. Sprint must be doing something different with their SMS than everybody else.
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    hey everyone... thanks for the responces... glad to know it's not just me.
    yeah... some (i'd say 65-75%) messages go right thru immediatly, like they are supposed to..... it's just the important ones that get lost for hours. ;-)

    i guess i'll watch it for anouther week or so and then put in a call to sprint. :-/

    thanks everyone,
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    Every once in a while I have the reverse problem; someone will send me the text and I dont receive it for sevaral hours, but mine went through to them quickly!
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    I seldom have any problems with Sprint's SMS within Sprint's network and sending to several BB's on Cingular.
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    sprint definitely has issues with sms.
    have had for a long time.

    my partner has sprint, as do i and we usuallu have a fairly decent response time.
    however, many times, when sms-ing out of sprint, it takes hours. in one or 2 cases it has been the next day or never.
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    I wonder if this is not a regional related thing. On Sprint's network I can text to others instantly, have only tried someone with Verizon once and it went through within minutes. However I was in a big city out east and and sms to another sprint user to a lot of minutes to get through.
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    well... that's one of the problems with this. i think every one actually "assumes" that their messages are instant....
    you really don't know that a message did or did not go thru untill the other person doesn't respond. and if the subject isn't urgent, you wouldn't know if they respond the next day if they replyed imediatly because the answer was important to them, or if they were unintrested and took a day to get back to you on something....

    i do know that i've called people a half hour after text messaging them, and that has "pushed" a text message thru to them... half way thru the phone call, they will bget a message beep, and it will be from me.
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    my sms's seem to go through right away ---- and they go to Cingular and Verizon often

    I have had a couple that hung up ---- but for the most part, its been great

    have you installed the latest firmware? maybe call Sprint about it? Perhaps they need to send a different service signal to your phone?
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    My partner and I are on Verizon and Sprint and we have the same problem constantly. Messages will take 30 minutes to 2 hours to come through, and often times my sending her a message will "jump start" the messages she has sent me and I will get them, with the timestamp showing they were sent hours ago. It's VERY annoying as I am deaf and this is a main form of communication for us. I have chalked it up to being Sprints problem as I don't have this issue with anyone else but her, and she is the only one on Sprint.
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    I think the problem lies in sending txt messages to other carriers. If it is verizon to verizon or sprint to sprint - it should be instant. If it is verizon to sprint or sprint to verizon there is where the problem lies - I assume that the server process would lag because it is not communicating with the same server. I notice this when I send txt messages to a cingular phone - it also maybe the type of phone the other person has. I have a friend that still has a analog phone and sometimes he does not even receive the messages for a while because his phone may be out of network. I have had some problems only when I txt someone and they are simotaneously txt - I get an error message but within a couple of seconds that message will send.

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