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    In the next month or so, I may be traveling internationally- more specifically to Indonesia. I currently have a Treo 600. Is that usable in Indonesia anywhere?

    If not, what should I do to try and be able to keep in contact with a mobile while there. Are there any relatively cheap wasy to use a cell there for specifically SMSing back to the States?

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    Or... does anyone know where I can get a hold of a reasonably priced Quadband Treo 650???

    Thanks all...
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    Your 600 should work fine in Indonesia since they use 900/1800 frequencies. Ref:

    Of course, your 600 must be unlocked, and a GSM phone.

    You might want to ask your US carrier how much it will cost you to roam there. You can also consider buying an Indonesian SIM. These seem a bit rarer than those for many other countries, but I found one:

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    Well no, that is what i was worried about. I am a Sprint PCS customer (note the forum name) and that is what my concern was.

    Thanks all

    I noticed that there were some CDMA 450 and 800 networks. Do you think I can roam/do my data services over those?
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