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    I am the IT assistant at my non profit org. The new director is coming from an environment where she used her Treo 600 with verizon and was synced with her Microsoft Exchange. She pays $150.00 a month for her service. Now, when she starts her position at this org she would like to have the same type of set up, however our email uses MS Exchange for inside email and Pop for outside email. How does one go about changing those settings over? Is it just a matter of setting up new accounts on her treo? And syncing with her new computer at this org? Any help would be appreciated. Of course she doesn not know how it works and this is my first experience with it. After doing research, it looks like the Verizon is providing the phone service, but is Sprint providing the email syncing?

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    I assume you mean $150/month for the phone/data service. If you want to setup something just for her, you might be better off using Verizon's Wireless Sync service.

    Basically you install a little forwarding app that handles everything. That PC must always be connected to your corporate network though. That's the biggest drawback. There are server solutions, but probably not within your budget.

    The other option is to use Exchange Activesync. You'll need an Exchange 2003 server with a connection from the outside. This is probably too complicated for you though based on your initial posting.


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