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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim
    I'm no techie, But from my work at Nextel a few years ago, there does not seem to be significant higher operational costs associated with increased data traffic.
    shopharim - I don't know how they work - but do they not use something akin to bandwidth to serve the data back and forth from the actual Internet?
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Yup, got one today. Came here to see if anyone else received it. Don't even know how to use my phone at a modem. Only thing I do with it is stream a little music here, surf a little there, and of course the constant email checking every hour.

    They do advertise as unlimited, at least enough to fool many people. I beleive Blockbuster lost a suit for basically the same thing, related to their "no more late fees" advertising. Now they clearly tell you there is a late fee. Maybe I should see my lawyer if they progress????

    Hmmmmm. Picked the phone for my small business under the understanding unlimited internet.
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    Good lord. Worse than I thought.

    Rather than isolating a particular user and assuming they're tethering, they appear to be sending them out to a very large number of users and hoping to see how much revenue they can generate from it.

    The proverbial "stuff" against the wall to see what sticks.

    Poor customer relations.
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    When I first started streaming with p-tunes, I used huge chunks daily. Actually called SPRINT to tell them what I was doing. Don't do it much anymore but I assume if I did I would be getting one of those letters. It was a huge user of data. I could see why they thought it might be a modem.
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    I got the stupid letter today too. At first I was a bit concern, but after reading this thread I feel more calm. I'm going to call them anyways and tell them that I've never used DUN on my Treo, which is true. I use Verichat, ChatterEmail, PTunes, Quicknews, 4Cast, Xiino, Blazer, SplashBlog, SplashMoney a lot. So I guess I'm using it the way I was supposed too. I don't think I'm doing anything bad.

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    OK.... I just got of the phone with Sprint CS and I was told 100 times not to worry about my usage becasue I pay $10 for unlimited data. Damn.... I was about to pull my hair off. I got it...!!! Well, it's good to know though, plus the CS is giving me 100 extra free text messages till August.

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    how much data are people using to get sprint to send this letter? (##786# gives you lifetime usage)

    i'm at 420,000 Kb for seven months and no letter from sprint for me!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by afletche
    how much data are people using to get sprint to send this letter? (##786# gives you lifetime usage)

    i'm at 420,000 Kb for seven months and no letter from sprint for me!!
    I just did ##786#, and I'm @ 2,944,138 kbs after only 4 months... I guess I should be expecting a letter any day now lol

    pTunes is the cause of my high usage.... sometimes I wake up in the morning and realize I fell asleep with pTunes running...

    with the convience of number portability... I could care less if I do receive a letter... I have no carrier loyalty... I would pay the early termination fee, and have a verizon, or cingular treo within a few days.
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    4 months and i am at 2,344,554 kb
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    Who here has a business account or a personal account? I am at 1.5 gigs in about 4 months (don't know what my first Treo had on it). But are the people getting letters on personal accounts or are they linked to an employer discount? Might be that if you have used XXX megs of data on a personal account you get the letter but it may be higher for the business accounts. Just a thought since it seems kind of random who is getting the letters.
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    I have a personal account
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    5976287 kbs since April. I have the 'business' account. At least that is what I remember signing up with when I renewed my contract. I don't remember much a difference between the two, except the business account was recommended with Palm phones. (?)
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    Personal account, 6,954,477 kilobytes since November (9 month). Have never used DUN and have only used my phone to stream music and surf the web and email. I am also confused about this letter which I received on Thursday, and I feel really angry, since being blamed for something that I have even never tried.
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    Well I guess I can survive these letters for having a dirt cheap data plan, My company is switching to Verizon and I am staying with sprint, the Data Plan is $35+. I am still paying $10
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    Unfortunately, there were people on this Board that were bragging about using the service as a replacement for home DSL, running web servers and the like. This was stupid, Sprint definitely monitors this and other sites. Discreet use of it (1-2 hours per day) would have been fine I am sure, but Sprint is obviously going to clamp down if there's evidence that people are absorbing their bandwith senselessly.
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    A friend of mine that got "the letter" this weekend called them and told them he's just using PTunes and they cleared him.

    It's not cool that they just accuse people of something they are not doing. And that letter does not offer a statement like "please call us at XXX to discuss". They only number offered in the letter is for sales to sign you onto a data plan .

    They do say "We apologize for any confusion..." but the tone of the letter really does not treat the matter like they are trying to figure out what is going on or that they could have made an error.

    When my friend called they acted like nobody was getting the letters and they never heard of any of this. But when he mentioned PTunes they cleared him and did not ask for any more explaination .
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    Wonder if Sprint ever plans on blocking the port PTunes uses to stream? Seems if everyone says their usage is related to PTunes, and the data volume is significant, Sprint would want to do something about this to preserve their precious bandwidth. Then if data volumes are high, they can only assume you are using DUN, and force you to a higher data plan.

    I'm not suggesting they are planning to do this, but I can see it as a possibility someday.
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    I think if they block that port, a lot of people will make a lot of noise--on their way out the door.
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    ^ And I would be one of them!

    And I'm sure Ptunes would make a work around where you could select a different port to run it over, just as some IM clients do since some companies tried to block ports. Port Blocking never stops the determined .

    But I pay for UNLIMITED data usage. I can handle them not wanting me to use it as a modem. But I expect unlimited usage of applications on my Treo. So if they want to cut my level of usage I'm outta there!

    And I'll again mention this is a reason why Sprint should press Palm to ensure WiFi is on the next Treo. Since then it would not be Sprint's bandwidth being used when WiFi is in use.
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    Wow only 180,438 after six months. I really need to use my phone more.
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