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    I've been on the phone between Verizon and Intellisync now for days and have not yet improved my situation. I work for a small company that currently has 3 Treo's but we plan to have several more. We need to sync with a public folder of contacts. The personal, workgroup and enterprise versions of Wireless Sync do not support Public Folders yet. As a work around, I have been trying to turn off Wireless Sync of Contacts so we can use the Desktop version of Intellisync to Hotsync contacts and public folder contacts. I have done the settings on the devices but the push settings from the website override these each time a scheduled sync occurrs. This causes my Public Folder contacts to merge with each users' personal contacts, making it impossible to update the contacts from corporate. The individual push settings for contacts, calendar, etc. are grayed out on the website. Both Verizon and Intellisync say that these settings cannot be released for end-user control.

    At first I believed this but when I added a recent Treo 650, the settings were available. when I called to have the same done to my other devices, Intellisync said that this was a mistake and they engaged the restriction for this device too. Has anyone else had this problem and received better support from Verizon or Intellisync?
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    I don't think that the free version of Wireless Sync will support Public Folders. But - they have a server version which might - meaning, you pay some $$ for it & install it on a server.
    You might also try the full-blown version of the Intellisync server. It might support Public Folders.
    Your last choice might be to check with Good - I think they also support Public Folders.

    Happy hunting....
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    I read the post more carefully, and it looks like you've exhausted all you can with Intellisync slash Wireless Sync. Ya might wanna ping the guys at Good - - & grab an eval of their server......

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