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    I would like to have my e-mail pushed from my POP3 server directly to my Treo 650 on Sprint. However, from what I understand, I must have my computer's e-mail client (Outlook in my case) running somewhere to make this happen. I only have one computer, a laptop, and it's not always running. Is there a way to push my POP e-mail to my Treo without the laptop on, Outlook on, and connected to the internet?


    Matt Streger
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    POP-based email can't be pushed. The best you can do is a scheduled pull. If your email server supports IMAP, you can do push. I'm pretty sure ActiveSync can push. I personally use BizConEE, which is push but requires a separate server like Good's products.

    This question is probably better asked in the Communications forum.
    - Fushigi
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    That's correct. POP has no mechanism for telling you when a piece of mail is delivered. One ugly work-around would be if you have the ability to have the server send you an SMS when it gets mail (either via forwarding to your SMS address or via a little notification). You can then have some software sense that and go get your mail. If you have Yahoo, they are rolling out a $3 a month package that will let you use what is essentially Business Connection and receive push email.
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    Sprint PCS mail and Hotmail have this SMS notification also.

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