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    I bought a Sprint Treo 600 last year and successfully "Verizonized" it for use on Verizon's network (before they offered the 600), and used it happily until 2 months ago when I upgraded to a Treo 650. My 600 has been unused for 2 months, and now I want to pass it on to my wife. I called Verizon customer service to change her phone number over to the Treo 600's ESN, but was then unable to program the Treo 600 using *228.

    Verizon's tech support told me that for some reason the phone cannot be used on their network again. This seems hard to believe. Can anyone tell me what steps I need to go through to enable this Verizonized Treo 600 to be used again on the Verizon network?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Sounds like it's probably due to Verizon no longer allowing foreign ESNs onto their network, much like Sprint has done for quite some time.
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    No...I called VZW yesterday and I spoke to a csr and he said if the system will accept it they will let it on there...I said well whats if its not in the system. He said they can force it on no matter long as its CDMA there is not a problem., again and speak to a different agent
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    My problem wasn't that the CSR couldn't (or wouldn't) enter the ESN into the system. She was able to get it accepted, the phone just wouldn't program when I dialed *228 as the next step. When she pulled a tech support guy in, he found out I had gotten in on eBay and immediately shut me down saying the phone could no longer be used on their network. This despite the fact that I had used it successfully for a year through May. He reset the number to point to my wife's old phone.

    I tried it again online today, and again the Treo 600's ESN was accepted but it would allow it to be programmed.
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    That would be strange because the guy I spoke to yesterday said it was really cool that I can have a sprint treo 650 on the network. Maybe you dont have the verizon prl ne more on the phone. He gave me his number and told me if I nhave ne questions I can give him a call back...I love my verizonized treo 650n on VZW and it works excellent

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    Any chance you could PM me his number?

    Thanks -

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    Stupid mistake on my part - the ESN number I gave the customer service rep was off by one digit. I called back last night with the correct ESN and everything went off without a hitch.

    No thanks to the Verizon tech who said I couldn't use the phone again on their network (he also said my phone might have been stolen since I bought it on eBay!).


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