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    Treo 650
    Pay-as-you-go @ $0.015/KB
    $5/mo for unlimited IN pix/txt messaging + 50 txt to/from non-VZW #s

    I know this question has been hashed to pieces but please put my mind at ease.

    I recently signed up for the $5/mo txt/pix bundle and confirmed with the CSR that I will not be charged for DATA usage when sending pics to another VZW number. I did some testing by sending (via SMS) some pics from the 650 to my friend who is also a VZW customer. Aftering waiting a day+ later, I did #3282 and noticed that the DATA usage counter has increased. Being paranoid, I called and spoke to another CSR who also confirmed there wouldn't be any charges for DATA usage. Being retentive, I called data support and got the same confirmation.

    Can someone please confirm that:

    1. VZW will not charge me for DATA usage by sending pics.

    2. Is it using my airtime minute whenever I send or recivea pic?

    My billing cycle ends on the 16th of the month. I guess I can wait until when the bill comes out and see.

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    They're already charging you specifically for sending txt and pictures so you shouldn't be charged additional costs. If so, complain to them.
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    you had better watch the data usage, despite what VZW tells you you do get charged data for sending and receiving pic messages, I have to call every month and get them to reverse the data charges for sending pic messages. I also have the unlimited in txt and pic messaging.
    Data cust support keeps telling me that there is no way for the network to determin if you are sending a pic or using the data.
    So watch out it adds up fast and you have to be very dirrect with them to get them to credit your bill.
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    Well they're recording whether your sending/recieving pix or text so they should certainly be able to use the same technology to not charge data usage.
    Of course they should be able to have a web ite that lists up to date data usage but they don't.
    Combination of evil and stupidity I guess.

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