I am considering switching to sprint for their best rate available for treo 650. I have real many times here that actually sprint pcs vision (data plan) is only $10 once you tell them to take off the $5 credit for download of rings, wallpapers etc. But I found that the sprint pcs vision PREMIUM pack is also $15 which does not include picture mail (if I am not wrong) but has unlimited web access has $10 download credits!!! so for example if I have sprint pcs vision premium pack and I call the CR to remove the download credit of $10, my data is only going to be for $5!!!

I tried to search specifically for this but could not find the relevant answers to this topic, so If someone has any experience with this please let me & others know about it.I am also attaching the link for all this details which is actually from the sprints website. Just click the "details" next to premium and picture packs.