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    I look at my phone a few minutes ago to check appointments and I saw I had none- which was blatantly wrong... I check the time and it says it's january of 1929! anyone else having weird network time issues?
    Treo 800w 8/08
    Nokia N800
    previously: Treo 700wx 12/06, Sprint 6700 3/06; Treo 650 11/04; Treo 600 1/04 (gone); Samsung i500 (gone); Hitachi G1000 11/03 (gone); Nokia 7110 5/00(best phone ever)
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    Sounds like the old Network Time Sync issue. Do you have the latest patch?
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    Sounds like the ol' Faulty Flux Capacitor issue to me. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I remember Jeff Gibson uncovering this problem. Make sure you have "Enable Local Time" enabled under General Preferences and do a soft reset. I think that would solve your problem.

    I'm vacationing in Florida and mine is working just fine.
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    Be careful in about 9 months the stock market will crash if it holds to that date Put your money in Gold.

    Seriously though I thought I saw a wierd time/date after landing in another time zone once. I think at that point it was just turning on and off the phone that fixed it.

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