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    Hello All:

    I am about to finally buy me a Treo 650!!!!

    I've been doing some reading, and it seems that with Verizon, when you are using any type of data access you do not receive incoming phone calls. (How annoying!). (And is this true?).

    Does that mean if i use the chat program VeriChat, and leave it running and connected all the time, i won't receive phone calls ever???

    I plan to get a voice plan and the unlimited data plan.

    I would love some feedback and advice on this! thanks

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    Use the SMS always-on implementation in VeriChat. That'll help keep data connections down.
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    If you are running verichat constantly (like I and many others do) but don't actually have the Verichat open and running (i.e. using the SMS always-on like I and many others do), then you won't miss too many calls. You'll still miss the occassional call, but it's not frequent. While you are actually in IM sessions, of course, or surfing the web or what have you, your calls will go straight to voicemail.

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