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    I'm taking my third T600 to my local sprint store today because of on going problems. That's not to say that when the phone works, it works great. My local store has always treated me well and the manager is actually a decent person. They told me though that they would have to order me one though because they do not have any in stock at the moment. How long will I have to do this dance with sprint with the 600 before they get a clue and possiblely upgrade me. I'm not using any third party software either so I couldn't tell you why I have the problems I do. It seems to be about every 60 days though. Things are going well then they start to fall to ****. Any advise will be helpful. Oh yeah, should I just cash in my insurance and hope they send me a 650. Thanks in advance for the imput.
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    I've had 3 600's in just over 8 months. The people in my local store aren't any help. I had a long conversation today with a supervisor who tried to help but really didn't address my concern.

    I changed my plan several months ago so I am into Sprint now until 07. A couple weeks after that, all you-know-what broke lose and the phone has had to be replaced twice. Had I left my contract the same (before the problems with the phone) I could have waited out the remainder of the contract and gone elsewhere or purchased another phone. Now, I'm stuck replacing the 600 with refurbs every couple months (if history is any indication). Try as I might, no help on "upgrading" to the 650. The supervisor offered to get me a new (read: not refurb) 600 if the refurb I'm waiting on isn't working right when I pick it up in a copule days. I told her that I expected the refurb to be working fine when I pick it up, the question is for how long that will hold.

    I'm tempted to pay the $150 early term fee and go elsewhere where the phones are cheaper. My concern is that the plan will cost me more.

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