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    My husband was looking today on Verizon's site about the i730 (although we both upgraded to the 650) and noticed that the 650 is no longer listed under the phone options...what is with that?????? On the business page, there is a pic, but the clicking on the link says that that option is not available. What is up with that, is there something we all need to know about? I emailed Verizon, although I am sure that I will get some standard, non-commital response.
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    After reading your post, I went on VZW site, and searched every way I could, no 650. Hmmmm...
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    Hmm... I can't find it either. Maybe someone removed it by accident and meant to take off the Treo 600 instead.
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    It's avalable for my zip code.

    My guess is that one (or more) of VZW's warehouses is out (or low) and that certain markets aren't showing inventory at the moment.
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    Here it is:

    This if you click on the link under this picture, it says that it is not available.
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    My zip in South Jersey also shows that and the i730 not there but has Treo 600 and both versions of the XV6600 when before the non-camera one was out of stock..
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    Shopping in Denver, it shows up and is selectable.
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    Neither Treo shows up in 08836.

    Only the VX6600 variants
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    The absurd number of defective units, equally problematic operating software and the related peak in tech support call volume.
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    It's showing... & is available for purchase in my zip in AZ!!!
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    Now for my zip..both 600 and 650 gone????? i730 is out, are they dropping palm?
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    Vegas market has it on the website. 399.00 under phones
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    It's back up as of this afternoon.
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    Verizon finally responded to me and said they were having website issues...who knows, but it is back up in my market as well.

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