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    I am thinking of buying a treo 600 from someone... the problem is he cannot find the ESN number...he finds all kinds of other numbers such as the IMEI number... does this mean it is a GSM phone? I am through sprint, and from the looks of it i cannot use GSM with this correct?
    thank you all
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    That is correct. You can't use Sprint with a GSM phone because Sprint phones (and verizon phones) have no SIM card.
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    damn...well ok what would be a good service to go with...i dont travel very often and live in the U.S. oregon to be exact. i plan on using email and web...any suggestions
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    If the person you are buying the phone from calls 611 from the phone (even if he no longer has service for the phone), then he can verify who he is and they can see with their caller ID that he's calling from that phone, they will probably give him the ESN of the phone. He can tell them he's selling it, that's all.

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