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    I find that I am not using the data plan as much as I thought, and am probably going to cancel it. Can I just add the pay as you go, as I know you MUST have a data plan and then not use it? If versamail is not set up to auto sync and wireless sync is not set up I should not use any data at all correct? The 650 does not use data unless you have set it up to use data, correct? (it does not AUTOMATICALLY connect right?) I have been trying to find a definitive answer and as most know VZWs CS is not the most helpful and I have recieved mixed reports, so any help would be mucho appreciated
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    Yes it does use data even when you're not using data features like Internet and Mail. Do a search for setting up another network profile so you can turn off the data synching entirely. Otherwise your next bill might give you a heart attack.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Your phone shouldn't be using any real data unless you use Wireless sync or have it connect. Go to Phone display -> Call log (center button) -> totals button. Hit the reset. That should now keep track of how much data you're using.
    When using any application that uses the internet make sure to disconnect since most don't when you quit them.
    There are some utilities to auto-disconnect.
    Be careful when people send SMS or MMS messages since these sometimes don't diconnect.
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    Canceled the data plan, too much money, got an account with people pc and using dial up so it just uses minutes. (i hope, haven't gotten a bill yet)

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