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    I picked up a Kensington USB-Bluetooth adapter yesterday and got it all working. Speed is a reasonable 83/113 kbps up/down.

    My only problem is that the pairing doesn't seem to stick. The computer is listed in the Treo's 'trusted' devices so I assume the problem is on the computer side. (Windows XP)

    Whenever I try to establish DUN connection I get a box on the Treo to enter the pairing code, and then on the computer a message saying a code is required. After entering the code on the computer I get a pairing failure message.

    Each time I want to connect again I have to mess around with the setup wizard.

    Anyone know if there's a better way?
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Its very frustrating. If you find out how to fix it, let me know....thanks

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    Makes 3 of us. Anyone?
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    Make that 4 of us...But I am using Windows 2000 and the iogear bgu211 adapter. I was going to go and get a new BT USB adapter (in fact the Kensington,) but now based on this thread, I doubt it is the adapter...

    I have been able to connect intermittently, but once connected, reconection becomes erratic. Then it goes into the same pairing issues redhat reports. Then the bluetooth software on the PC becomes more or less unresponsive.

    I have uninstalled the BT USB's drivers/software and re-installed. Tried re-pairing. NO solution.
    I guess it is time to give PDAnet a shot? But I wish we could find a solution to the issue. That would save some cash...

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm going to post this in the bluetooth section for maybe some more exposure. I want to fix this problem, its driving me crazy.

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    Did you also update to the Sprint 1.12 firmware? This seems to be a discovered bug. My laptop and phone always stayed paired pre-update but now I have to re-enter passwords on both devices each time.

    Very annoying. I am going to Palm's site and post it as a bug.
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    I'm having the same issue. Seems like if I keep rebooting the phone, laptop, starting/stopping the bluetooth adaptor and deleting/readding the trusted devices, it'll eventually work once. But then I've got to go through it again. It really sucks. Any ideas yet??? Using the same Kensington adaptor, and 1.12 Sprint firmware.

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    Just delete your phone from the Bluetooth it again by right clicking on your device (which has discoverable set to yes, and dial-up set to off)...that should allow you to store the passcodes so you won't need to keep pairing them over and over again.

    BTW...when you want to actually use DUN, you'll want to switch those settings in bluetooth (discoverable set to no, and dial-up set to on).

    Hope that helps....if not, then you're screwed and might want to revert back to 1.08 if you can/care to see if it helps.

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