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    i was in a verizon store today to purchase the treo 650. first they said that i needed a data plan to buy the phone. the sales person wouldnt sell it to me without adding a data plan, and i guess pay as you go wasnt an option.

    then the salesperson tells me that the treo automatically connects to their 1x data network periodically, even if i dont initiat the connection. if i dont have a data plan my phone bill will be huge. how does it connect if i dont manually connect to the internet. if i dont use the internet, i shouldnt need a data plan, right?

    last, i asked about the $100 off for the unlimited data plan, and they said that only applies to new customers. i have read that people buying the treo 650 full retail were given the $100 credit for signing up for the unlimited date package.

    im i need a data plan, does the treo automatically connect, and can i get the $100 off for signing up for unlimited data package.

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    Kudos to the rep! Even though he's not accurate (you don't HAVE to have a data plan) he's doing right by pushing the unlimited to avoid you getting nailed with hefty charges.

    The phone does sync on the network which also transmits data. However, you can create a new network profile and basically turn that feature right off and instead pay as you go. Careful, though, kb and MB really do add up.

    As for the $100, I got it and I've been a customer for years.

    Using my treo 650 for business:

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