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    Anyone here know of a solution to the problem of the Verizon Wireless string in the NAM area of the phone app being replaced with garbage characters?

    I know it is cosmetic, at least I hope it is. I have a fleet of several of these phones and it happens on just about every single one.

    Is this a PRL problem? Redownloading the PRL sometimes gets rid of this. Other times I use FileZ to delete the HsPH saved prefs and that corrects it, but this is a real PITA.

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    I have the same problem occasionally. I just shut the phone down and restart. Sort of a pain. Anyone got a solution?
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    I have seen this too recently. VERIZON is replaced with small rectangles and other garbage. I usually just turn the phone portion off, and turn it back on. Everything is then fixed.
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    I get that now and then...a call to *228 to update your PRL will clear it up as well.
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    I get this too.. I am in a location where I am on the extended network and I thought it was because of this. Plus I just got my Treo in May so I wasn't quite sure what was going on. BTW how do you do a *228 on the verizon extended network. I get a "We cannot complete your call" message/recording.



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