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    Okay, so I'm new to the 650 world, but not Sprint.

    Something odd has been happening. In certain areas, namely San Fernando Valley (Encino) and West Los Angeles (Santa Monica), my T650 wll go into roaming mode. It's weird because I'm only 8 to 12 miles away from my house. Last night, I tried to access the internet and the 650 said I could not do that while roaming. I tried a few minutes later and the roaming was off and I was able to surf the web.

    Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening? Do I have a possessed 650 that has no inherent sense of direction? Or is this a Sprint issue?
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    I had this problem with my 600. Initially, I was always roaming at my office, though I had good Sprint sevice here with my 300. I unchecked the enable digital roaming box and it stopped. I never have a problem with service, at least where I travel and if I go far afield, I just recheck the box. Give that a try.
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    What firmware are you on? 1.03 had roaming problems. 1.08 or higher might fix you.

    Check in phone program. Menu->Options->Phone Info

    Like PJ, I just turn roaming off. Menu->Options->Phone Preferences, turn OFF Digital Roaming.
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    I'm at 1.12, so that's not the problem, I guess. I'll turn off digital roaming then. Thanks!
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    Try talking to customer service. It sounds like a prl issue to me. Contact sprint and see what they say.

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