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    i want to buy one and i keep reading how bad the reception it just a few people with problems, or is it everyone?
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    No problem here with reception.
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    yes, phoenix
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    No problem in Long Island N.Y. or lower Manhattan where I work.
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    I have the 650 for about 2 weeks now, and I have been getting great reception (almost always 3-4 bars). I am in New Jersey about 2 miles from Manhattan, and I can't ask for better reception. Great phone, great service so far.
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    Great reception.
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    we have 6 t650s on verizon 4 in NYC all fine, 1 in miami good and 1 in san antonio good
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    great reception
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    Not as good reception as my 7135 in CT...drops calls when my old phone would not.
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    I had mine since the general public release date and have better reception than my phone before it. It has been a little over a month and I have no real problem.
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    Switching from a V710, which I would give a 10 in reception, the Treo 650 so far has earned a solid 7. No problems as of yet in LA. Haven't taken in into the desert yet, though...
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    I've had problems with reception. to me it seems to be hit and miss. I've had a couple associates that rave about their 650 reception and a couple that can't keep a call.
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    Ditched the aluminum case. Subjectively, seems much better. Still, not as good as the other VZW phones in the house.

    I should mention that my VZW Blackberry from work is about the same as the T650.

    Good enough, not as good as the other 4 phones in the house.
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    My reception with the VZW 650 is not nearly as good as my old Motorola T720 or my wife's Motorola V710. I have lost some calls in areas where I previously didn't even have static. It's not been bad enough to make me complain, except for one spot that's on my daily commute

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    Not nearly as good as the Mot T720 it replaced.
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    Drops a lot more calls than the kyocera 7135 I just sold <sigh>

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    My reception isn't too bad, my husband had issues then found it was the aluminum case. Word has it also beware of cases with magnets.
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    I get similar reception with the Treo as my old Kyocera 7135.
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    I've never had as many dropped calls in my life as I've had in the past month and a half with my 650 and my wife's 600. I get in a restaurant and can't keep a call. My wife's drops calls in our back yard with 3 bars. For some reason the web works almost anywhere without a problem.
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    My Treo 650 on Verizon gives me one less bar readout compared to a Motorola V60i, but the Moto is a bit too optimistic in its readouts. So I think my Treo's reception is pretty much on par.
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