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    I tried searching, but nothing came up.

    I currently pay $5/mo for unlimited IN txt messaging + 50 for non VZW numbers. If someone sends me a txt from VTEXT, does it count toward the unlimited IN txt messaging, or toward the 50 msgs?

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    a VText user is obvioulsy IN the VZ network so the incoming msg you are referencing is included as a free one in your $5/mth plan...
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    Can anyone tell me if you sent yourself a text if it is covered in the "in"?

    A system at work sends us messages but they all come thru as my phone being the source.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jscottcj
    a VText user is obvioulsy IN the VZ network so the incoming msg you are referencing is included as a free one in your $5/mth plan...
    Not necessarily, as anyone can visit vtext and sends a msg to you. Or am I not understanding how vtext works?
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    I went over this with two reps last night.

    Using SMS uses DATA - it does not count as TXT messaging (I do many 46455s and none counted against my txt messages as I used SMS for them).

    IN TXT is different then standard TXT - and note, in August, incoming TXT from outside the network is increasing from .02 per to .10 per.

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    I've just gotten off the phone with a VWZ CSR. If you have one of the packages that have the unlimited IN txt messaging, any txt messages received from VTEXT are NOT considered IN txt messaging. Beware people!
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    Here we go again!!!!!
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    Yep, here we go. Just got back from talking directly to a manager. I am told that those working in stores and in billing are not kept privy to what charges and what doesn't. They said only the Data Tech Support can tell you (nothing in writing... ugh).

    We did test it - at the store I sent an SMS to Google for a request, got two messages back. They were labeled on the phone as incoming TXT. Then we did a #3282 (which will send you a free message telling you how many TXT messages you've used on the plan in the billing period). It reported ZERO. So I'll match THAT up against my next bill.

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    Sorry, I've never used TXT messaging or SMS. What's the difference and do I get charged for using it if I have an unlimited data plan on my VZN 650? Do I need an additional TXT plan like the IN TXT plan on top of my exorbitantly priced unlimited data plan?

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    Data is different from TXT/SMS and Picture/MMS. You have to pay for each in one form or another (per use or package deal)
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    Okay, I've finally got the answers. Regardless of a data plan TXT (even using SMS) does count as Text Messages, and you are charged (unless you have a TXT plan) at 10-cents outgoing and 2-cents incoming (this will go to 10-cents incoming August 1).

    Using my treo 650 for business:

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