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    Can anyone tell me where you can find out on the Verizon web site where it states if you have the phone insurance or not? I had a issue regarding adding insurance for my Treo and I wanted to check up on the CS. Thanks in advance.

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    No one knows where this can be verified? I would like to see it in black and white.

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    It cannot be, and I saw it wasn't on my bill either. Called VZW and was told I had to fax what I signed - if it wasn't added on within 15 days of purchase, you can't get it.

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    Fax what you sign? Interesting policy considering I added mine over the phone after thinking about adding it after buying the 650. I would assume a statement showing the charge for insurance on the bill should be enough to prove you have insurance, right?
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    If it is something that you are billed for wouldn't it be somewhere on the web site indicating that you have it. I had a bit of a hassle getting it and had to go through a couple of supervisors to get it and I want to make sure that it has been truly added.

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    That's if it's on the bill. Mine wasn't. They failed to notate in the account that I opted for insurance, so I wasn't billed for it. That's the problem.

    And they DO NOT just put it on your profile. However, you can download your current bill in PDF form and it should be on there.

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