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    Just mt 2. I think when they brand the Treos it will just be the black lettering and the logo, no yellow. I mean how could they?
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    I'll input my Graphic Design training, wanted or not. First of all, the logo of the pindrop is nice, if not too generic. The bold colors are definitely what they want-attention! Its a new company with which they want to refect the combination of a mostly-corporate Nextel and a (let's face it!) less-than-tolerable customer service and coverage (I am with Sprint, and happily trade these faults for their wonderful data and product offerings). So a new logo and brand identity had to be forged, with just a hint of Sprint's existing qualities. I originally thought Sprint's existing logo was of a bird (Isnt Sprint the name/type of a bird?) that was stylized. I like the way the horizontal lines make the wings, which also symbolize motion. They shouldve kept that dynamic logo, and did away with the ugly typeface that they used for the word 'Sprint.' A bold typeface like what is used for Nextel shouldve been used.

    But that's just my opinion!
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