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    So i setup my email using for my outgoing but i get

    ******* [mailto:*******] On Behalf Of (My Name)

    When I'm trying to use my email address. Ideas?
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    What email program are you using?
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    Sounds to me like your using the free sprint email they give you. You need to get the info from your email server and set that up.
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    This happens with Snapper and VersaMail

    I am using my email account's pop3 incoming settings. But COX doesn't allow you to use their SMTP outside of their network so I have to use the SPRINT SMPTP settings.
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    From what I can find out from Cox and Sprint that is what the message will have for most recipients. When they reply, if you put your Cox address in the reply setup area, you will get the messages just fine. I have been using the setup for a little over year and has worked just fine. It just looks strange "on behalf of".
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    That sucks IMO........ so stupid, I don't want it to look like that. I guess I'll have to live with it.
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    Are there any other solutions?
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    unfortunatly, no. there is no way to set smtp to anything but sprint. the way that the sprint network and the way the 650 is programmed if you attempt to use anything but you will recieve an error message when attempting to send an e-mail
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    wow. sprint sucks (hehe)
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    I am on a Sprint 650 and have used the gmail smtp on versamail from day one... no problems as long as you use SSL and the right port settings.
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