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    Battery Doctor rocks!!!

    I have a new Verizon Treo 650 with the old "voice minute = data minute" plan (i.e. no additional data charges.) Unfortunately, I got a 6 hour MMS call on my first day when I received a Pic via MMS overnight, and my Treo remained connected to the data network until I shut it off when I awoke in the morning.

    Following PabloTx's advice, I installed Battery Doctor and configured it to disconnect the data radio on power off, and configured the Power prefs to auto-off after one minute. Now, my Treo disconnects from the data network on its own shortly after receiving an MMS message. I can also easily disconnect from the data network when using Blazer by hitting the End Call button, which powers off the Palm (but not Phone), just like on my old Kyocera 6035.

    Another trick for preventing an unlimited data connection in MMS is to uncheck "automatically collect messages" in its Prefs. When this is done, you'll receive a notification to download an MMS message instead.

    I seriously believe that Verizon has gone way out its way to force users to buy the $50/month data plan.

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