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    I've tried Everything possible.
    Either WirelessSync Crashes on the Palm and forces a soft reset any time it's started OR
    It says the data's corrupt, and refuses to sync them on a local Hotsync OR
    It duplicates all the data N times on every hotsync

    I've un-installed and re-installed X times
    Updated the PC client and patched the Outlook conduits X times
    I've updated the Palm client too, but No combination seems to work.

    I've been at this for days now.... And I'm starting to wonder if Anyone has WirelesSync working on a Verizon Treo 650 and using Outlook?
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    no problems here. Are you using it with Exchange? Wireless Sync comes essentially two flavors - personal redirector mode, or a departmental mode, where one PC acts as the server, and logs in to up to 20 users' Exchange or Notes accounts.
    How are you using it?
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    I'm trying to sync to my personal PC (only, no Exchange) through Outlook 2000.
    I can get it to work only in pieces...

    If I get the wireless sync to work, then when I try to sync to the PC via Hotsync and WirelessSync conduits (No Outlook conduits) the Palm soft resets Every time; right after the WirelessSync, before it finishes the hotsync.
    "SharedLog.c line 161" null pointer reference is the error....

    If I get the HotSync WirelessSync conduits to work (again No Outlook Conduits active), the Palm complains that the PC software needs to be updated, and shuts down the "PC Cradle Sync"

    And should I try to use the Outlook Conduits during all of this, they complain that the DBs are corrupt, and I have to manually remove all the DBs from the palm, and re-sync manually.... (OERR messages all over the place) I've seen many other posts on the net about this problem, so I just disabled the Outlook conduits. Palm has KB articles talking about this, and most sugest Stop the Outlook conduits OR turn on the option in the Palm client to 'Share conduits' Neither option produces a working situation for me..

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    ahh - well you're using (or trying to use) Wireless Sync in a way that it's not designed to be used.
    Wireless Sync isn't really intended to be used with Outlook in standalone mode. Wireless Sync can be a POP/IMAP client on the device, and also act as a connector to Exchange (NOT Outlook); as a mini-server, in either a one-alone person scene (where you leave your PC on) or a departmental mode, where one PC acts as the 'server' for up to 20 users. All those scenarios are all no charge.
    They also now sell a full-blown server version (server side app, rather than a client proxy), supporting unlimited users.
    So those are all the choices for Wireless Sync - NONE of them is designed to work as you're doing, where you want the app to connect to Outlook on your local machine. Wireless Sync really is looking for the Monitor software that's installed on some other machine, and that Monitor software is what hooks into Exchange via MAPI.

    So - then, what to do in your situation? Well it depends on what you're trying to do with Outlook. As you know, there are any number of apps that will sync your device with Outlook locally. The CD that comes with the 650 has Pocket Mirror on it; you can also get Desktop To Go from DataViz (they also offer an email app called Inbox To Go), and so on and so on.

    But you need to give up on Wireless Sync - unless you just need it to act as a POP client (in which case you'll STILL need one of the above Outlook PIM sync apps), Wireless Sync isn't what you need.
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    The simple solution is to use Outlook sync'd with an IMAP email host (must support the IDLE command). Setup your email account to forward to the IMAP host and then install Chatter on your Treo. Easy to follow instructions are at You will get true, real time push email.
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    Two questions:

    1. does anyone have recommendations for an inexpensive email host that offers IMAP? My main account at ATT Global Network doesn't, nor does Yahoo (POP only, even with $ accounts).

    2. When you forward mail and get it with Chattermail from your forwarded account, does it preserve original FROM and SUBJECT lines, or does it look like mail from yourself?
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    1. - I've used it for years, very reliable, great developers. They have a free IMAP service, but you really need a Full account for the service to shine. Fusemail also seems to be popular.

    2. I forwarded mail from my old yahoo plus account for a year. The from and subject lines are preserved if you auto-forward. If you manually forward an email, then the from and subject lines are usually changed. Some email clients have a command called "Redirect" which allows you to forward without losing the From and Subject.

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